The Peace Umbrella has been manufactured in accordance with Rotary’s high ethical standards and quality values.

Choice of Manufacturer

SUSINO (UK) LTD / SUSINO CHINA: Susino China is one of the largest and longest established umbrella manufacturers in the world. At the forefront of design and innovation it was also the first umbrella manufacturer to list on the Chinese stock exchange. An outward-looking company Susino China established subsidiary offices across Europe and the wider world, including France, Germany, Spain, USA and the United Kingdom (2007).

Ethical Sourcing

Susino China is fully accredited to ISO 9000 (International Standards on Quality Management and Quality Assurance), ISO 14000 (Environmental Management) and to BSCI Standards implementing the Principal International Labour Standards protecting workers’ rights.

We therefore felt that Susino UK was the natural choice for a Rotary Club of Hounslow project to promote peace to the world.

Working with the Rotary Club of Hounslow has given both the UK office and Susino China the opportunity to be involved in an ethical project with global potential.

To that end Susino has been able to extend support in both the sampling stage and reducing overall minimum order quantities to bring the first stage of this project to fruition.

Technical Specifications 

  • 560mm x 8 Rib 3 Section, auto-open Steel/Fibre Frame

  • Unisex Model 

  • Pongee Fabric, with all over offset printed Canopy,

  • Storm resistant

  • Rotary Brand Colour: Royal Blue

Practical Considerations 

Because of its small size and foldable function the umbrella fits easily into handbags, laptop bags and backpacks.


The Brand colour ‘Royal Blue’ was selected for the font as the most easily identifiable colour association with the Rotary International brand and as an ideal background to enhance the beauty of the myriad colours chosen for the individual languages.

Special permission to use this specific colour had to be obtained from Rotary International as part of the licensing agreement.

None of us lack the vision for peace, what we often lack is the first step in action.

Yukika Sohma, Japanese, 1912-2008
Founder of the Association for Aid Relief