Carry the message around the world in 183 languages.


Aiming to promote the Rotarian call for global peace by helping to remove the language barriers dividing people and nations to advance international understanding and goodwill.

Rotarians worldwide share a vision of the world where every individual irrespective of race, religion, culture, nationality and language should be allowed to lead a life in PEACE.

The Peace Umbrella showcasing 183 languages has been designed to be a reminder that PEACE is a human right and global concern and that each of us has the responsibility to try to reduce conflict in our community and beyond.

Join our pledge for promoting a cohesive, inclusive and more peaceful future by carrying our beautiful Peace Umbrella wherever you go.

“It is an easier matter to interest men in war than it is to interest them in peace; it therefore requires more moral courage to talk peace than war”

Paul P. Harris, American, 1868 - 1946,
Founder of Rotary International

Rotary International as an organisation has 1.2 MILLION members in 36,000 clubs in 220 nations. It has a permanent seat in The United Nations and is the largest organisation of its kind worldwide

A Connected, Inclusive & Resilient Global Community

We are all ambassadors for PEACE, searching for new ways to provide communities with the necessary skills and resources to resolve conflict. Whilst our mission unites us with like-minded practitioners, educators, mediators and advocates the world over, we do not share a common language.

Which is a huge challenge that can lead to miscommunication and thus delay our efforts. At least with the one word that is at the core of our endeavours, the Peace Umbrella can help to overcome these linguistic barriers between us.


Did you know..?


The number of languages in the world


The number of Rotary's official languages


The number of words for ‘peace’ on our Peace Umbrella

Help Funding

Every Peace Umbrella sold will generate:

  • A licence fee of at least £2.50 to Rotary International

  • A donation of £2.00 to SOS- SaveOurSkills Africa - the charitable foundation in Burkina Faso, West Africa dedicated to securing the economic survival of sustainable cottage industries based on traditional manual skills, indigenous cultural heritage and identity by providing small enterprise capacity building, marketing and creative training of artisans and up-trading their products in the international marketplace.

Any surplus resulting from the Peace Umbrella Project will fund:

  • Hounslow Rotary Club PEACE-focused projects.

“If you want peace you do not talk to your friends, you talk to your enemies... Language is very powerful. Language does not just describe reality. Language creates the reality it describes”

Desmond Mpilo Tutu, South African,
1931 - 2021. Nobel Peace Prize 1984

...And Peace The World Over

Join fellow peacebuilders who are sharing our message all over the world. Every one of these umbrellas can serve as a powerful reminder that a harmonious and safe future can be created through understanding, unity and collaboration.

Support the cause

How You Can Support Rotary’s Peace and Conflict Resolution Pledge

Become an ambassador of PEACE and echo the world’s ardent desire for conflict resolution by purchasing a Peace Umbrella today.