A linguist, economist and publicist by profession German-born Karin-Beate Phillips acquired her extensive professional expertise by holding senior positions in a wide and diverse range of industrial and creative sectors as well as through her decades of freelance work running her own management and marketing consultancy.

In 1991 she founded The Deep End Ltd/British European Design Group (BEDG) to help promote and commercialise the then largely untapped economic potential of Britain’s multinational and multicultural creative talent in key global export markets. Since then she has assisted thousands of professionals, companies, organisations, associations and institutions in the Creative Industries using her professional expertise and worldwide contacts to manufacturers, trade fair organisers, governments, national institutions and buying audiences.  

Her Foundation, SOS-SaveOurSkills, set up in Burkina Faso, West Africa in 2007, aims to document, safeguard and rehabilitate indigenous traditional craft skills and to commercially up-trade the products using the added value of cultural heritage and creative identity to create sustainable and viable cottage industries in emerging economies.   

Karin-Beate Phillips, Rotary Club of Hounslow
The Deep End LTD/British European Design Group-BEDG

Only if we learn to understand that within each language spoken in the world also live the unique history and cultural identity, the traditions, customs and humane values of the people who speak it, will we perhaps be able to overcome our prejudices and ignorance towards our fellow man and start to build positive peace.

Karin-Beate Phillips
The Peace Umbrella Team



Abi Wright is an artist/textile and graphic designer/photographer and curator of unusual diversity. 

Since graduating from the College of Communication of the University of the Arts London with a Bachelor degree in Information Design, Abi Wright has developed a very distinctive visual style mixing typography, colour and pattern to communicate information and narratives about culture, current affairs and identity issues.

As graphic designer Abi Wright specializes in books, art catalogues, specialist magazines and poster design. She also undertakes complete corporate identity assignments.

As a designer/artist, she has developed a textile collection, which is woven and screen printed by hand in West Africa. 

The strikingly bold adaptations of traditional West African pattern languages illustrate the timeless beauty of Africa’s textile heritage and were part of her research while at university.

Abi Wright’s strong affinity with her African and Caribbean heritage is also evident in her work as curator and artistic director of the African and African-Caribbean Design Diaspora Festival (2013-15) ( 

The AACDD Festival was a six year, four to five weeks long national and international event initiated by Karin-Beate Phillips of the British European Design Group during the London Design Festival to promote the unique creative talent of African and African-Caribbean artists and designers in Africa and the Diaspora.

Abi Wright’s artistic approach to the Peace Umbrella Project centres around a vibrant mood-lifting colour palette, which will be particularly welcome on a rainy day.

Abi Wright / AbiWrightDesign
Creative Director, BEDG

The real enemy is not our neighbouring country, it is hunger, cold, poverty, ignorance, routine, superstition, prejudice.

Henry Dunant, Swiss, 1828-1921
Founder of the International Red Cross



Brigitte Faubert owes her passionate interest in languages to her French/English parentage and extensive travelling, which inspired her to pursue a career in international trade and marketing.

After obtaining a Management Sciences degree Brigitte Faubert worked in the manufacturing and engineering industries in technical sales and marketing for large multinationals before she turned to public service, with spells in UK trade promotion and trade facilitation, international standards and UK energy regulation. This was followed by positions in stakeholder communication, public affairs and corporate social responsibility for large trade associations in newspaper publishing and construction. She has also worked in the not-for-profit sector on policy issues and has extensive experience of small businesses operating in niche markets.

A Rotarian since 2003, Brigitte Faubert is a Past President of the Rotary Club of Kew Gardens, served on the RIBI London 2012 Olympic Committee, chaired the RIBI Vocational Service and Partnerships Committee and is a member of the Rotarian Action Group for Peace.

She is currently focussing on the Peace Umbrella Project, where she is responsible for Marketing, Promotion and Public Relations.

Brigitte Faubert, Rotary Club of Hounslow
Director BFCS – Brigitte Faubert Consultancy Services

Peace is never a perfect achievement.

Kofi Atta Annan, Ghanaian, 1938-2018
Nobel Peace Prize 2001